1 1/2″ Clean Blue Shale


Often used to fill in mud holes, especially with standing water, prior to putting down base rock. Can also be used as a water barrier under concrete and around foundations. It is sometimes used backfilling retaining walls and in French drains. Can also be used for leach fields or as a decorative rock for landscaping and railroad ballast.

Calculate your materials

For smaller projects, the 1 1/2″ Clean Blue Shale can be purchased in cubic foot bags. We supply the poly bags, and fill them for you.
For larger areas, you can purchase the 1 1/2″ Clean Blue Shale in bulk by the cubic yard.
We can load your pickup truck for free, or we can deliver these to your home or job site for an additional fee.

To get a quote on delivery, please add the quantity that you need to your quote request above and submit it to us.


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