Look for the Eco-friendly symbol on Wheeler Zamaroni products
Wheeler Zamaroni has been an active proponent of sustainable environmental practices since its inception. From the beginning we have developed and produced biological planting mixes, mulches and composts. We recycle concrete and asphalt on-site. We also offer recycled and reclaimed materials such as stone fence posts, street cobblestone, and building stone.  We continue to support groups such as the Bird Rescue Center and the various gardening groups and initiatives, like Harmony Farm Supply, Star Route Farms and Harvest for the Hungry.
We are proud of our tradition of low-impact environmental practices. We’re even prouder of the many commercial and residential customers who support those practices. We can help you:
  • Develop and maintain landscapes that are in balance with nature and protect the environment by using sustainable landscape practices and methods.
  • Utilize low-input/low-impact materials, products, services and landscaping practices, such as conserving water through the use of native and drought-resistant plants and grasses and water-conserving irrigation systems; reducing run-off by using controlled and slow-release fertilizers; employing environmentally-sensible mulches; reducing energy consumption by installing solar landscape lighting; and eco-friendly pest management.
  • Choose alternative paving materials to asphalt or cement that are both beautiful and environmentally sound.
Eco-Friendly Product Lines
Wheeler Zamaroni’s extensive eco-friendly product line includes: geo textiles, reclaimed and recycled materials, as well as soils,
mulches, composts
 and top dressings. For applications such as:

  • Weed fabric
  • Ground covers
  • Reclaimed fence posts
  • Stone troughs
  • Reclaimed street cobblestones

Look for the Eco-friendly symbol on Wheeler Zamaroni products

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